Stay In Munnar : Mud House And Tree House In Munnar

Going back to a simpler life is not a step backward. Leave luxury stay in Munnar and take some rest on the lap of nature.

Would you like to stay in a mud house or a tree house in Munnar while you are on an outing to Munnar?

Yes, we all want to experience a new living ecosystem while we are on a vacation in Munnar. Here are some of the rare living space you can enjoy over a night in Munnar.

Mud Houses And Tree Houses In Munnar

Resorts in munnar

Top resorts in Munnar added unique accommodation facilities like Tree house and Mud house as an annexe to the luxury resorts and cottages.

Let’s see what are the specialities of Mud House and Tree House

  • Special Holiday house in Munnar closer to Mother Nature
  • Architecture blends without hurting nature creating cozy and warm feeling
  • Village living with all modern facilities
  • Offers fully equipped kitchen, Free WiFi,  Private Bathroom, Living Room, Garden and great  Sitout / Balcony to explore the natural scenery
  • Exploit the presence of varieties of trees, chirping birds, chants of beetles, and illumination of fireflies while on a tree house stay
  • Promotes Eco Friendly Tourism and attracts Romantic couples, adventure seekers and nature lovers to Munnar


Best resorts in Munnar for family take their guests to tree house and mud houses in Munnar for experiencing them the feel of living with the smell of soil and sounds of nature.

Dream coconut Villa Resort is first of the wood house resort in munnar offering premium and deluxe cottages. 

The architecture of villa resort is Kerala’s Coconut Tree theme based with processed coconut wood and shells are used to decorate the floors and walls.

The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it. Live in these unique mud and tree houses in munnar where many friends of nature frequently visits and keeps you happy and relaxed.


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