Munnar Tourist Places : Checklist For Munnar Trip

Munnar Tourist Places : Checklist For Munnar Trip

Sometimes we survive by forgetting unnecessary thoughts and incidents happen in our life. 

But memory is the most important jewelry we have to polish and take care every day.

If you keep a proper checklist for anything, you can overcome the problem of forgetting. Even  while you are in a hurry trip or carried away by other crucial engagements.

Checklist For Munnar Trip 

What’s your plan for this Onam vacation? 

A trip to munnar tourist places or chillout with old village friends.

Munnar resorts

Here are the checklist you have to keep for packing up a trip to Munnar, it’s not easy to get everything we need at a hill station resort in Munnar

  • Carry cotton outfits, sweaters, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotions
  • Footwears appropriate for Munnar adventure activities
  • Smartphone with traveling apps and Munnar resort booking applications
  • Munnar food is medium spicy, so carry you own instant food packs if you are  particular     about your food menu
  • Carry your international licence if you want to drive here
  • If it is winter season carry leather jacket, a pair of winter boots, gloves, mufflers, socks and leg warmers
  • Debit or credit cards internationally accepted
  • Indian currency for basic needs like street shopping and enjoying munnar tea
  • Napkins and necessary medicines in case of emergency
  • Thermal bottles and umbrella for rain cover
  • Power banks
  • Baby Essentials and baby foods
  • Camera for capturing munnar attractions

Luxury resorts in munnar offer most of the three star hotel facilities like large wash room including towels and materials for refreshing body.

Take care to limit the amount of precious jewellery like gold, diamonds etc and always wear minimum while you are on an outing. 

Munnar resorts

Avoid night travel if possible and rest in any of the best rated cottages in Munnar with night activities like campfire or a candle light dinner in munnar

Munnar is a great town with village beauty and tourism possibilities just like any other European city. 

Refresh your mind by spending a good time in Munnar resorts.


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