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Dream Coconut Villa Resort

Bringing a new culture of holidaying and vacationing, Dream Coconut Resort is crafted with the desire to create an impeccable home away from home for all yearning travelers from across the world. Built to offer uncompromised hospitality and holiday experience to travelers, the resort and its ambience along with the ever courteous staff will always craft a unique and one-of-a-kind experience every time you visit the same.The resort realizes that each travel is different from the rest and is looking for experiences that appeal to them, that surprise them and that delight them at all times. This is exactly what we endeavor hard day in and day out to achieve. With diverse and bespoke plans and packages, we lovingly spoil our patrons to choose the best package that offers them uncompromised value for their time and money.

The location of the resort is in the vicinity of the Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project which was the first hydroelectric project in Kerala. The view of the location soaked in milky white mist tucked away in the midst of the dense forest can be enjoyed from the resort. It can mesmerize you every time you take a peek outside your window. You can also visit the project site from the resort since it is only a few hundred meters from Coconut Dream Resort.We are constantly on the lookout to take our patrons on a holiday experience and journey that gets etched in their heart for eons to come. Even after long hours you have tendered your farewell to Dream Coconut Resort and Munnar, it will never cease to call you back and astonish you.