Tips For An Eco Friendly Travel To Munnar

Tips For An Eco Friendly Travel To Munnar

Environmental activists generated a picture that developments are harmful to nature and its creatures. 

But actually, is it true?, because of good comfort stations and resorts in tourist stations tourists and people were able to enjoy good food, accommodation and basic needs. 

Resorts and cottages in Munnar  says, they build home stays without harming nature but promoting tourists to live in tune with the natural rhythm of Earth.

There are many illegal land encroachments and constructions happening in Munnar, but these are not only the prime reasons of environmental destruction. As we know,  “It’s not the home keeps you happy but how you behave at home brings you peace and happiness.”

Resorts and cottages in Munnar

Every tourist place could be maintained like a heaven, if the tourists follow an eco friendly travel without throwing waste bottles and food packets here and there.

Top Ten Tips For An Eco Friendly Travel 

  1. Dispose sanitary waste Properly
  2. Conserve Water
  3. Respect the local environment 
  4. Never pollute environment by throwing garbage
  5. Choose reputable and conservation minded resorts and cottages 
  6. Try to choose environment friendly transport
  7. Avoid recreational activities without  damaging nature
  8. Choose Environment friendly accommodation
  9. Look for Eco Tourism options
  10. Be a responsible traveller than a careless navigator

Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries. So as a tourist traveller, love the nature without harming it’s flora and fauna. 

Resorts and cottages in Munnar

Munnar attractions are not meant for a particular era it should be long lasting for many generations. So be an eco friendly traveller and dance with the song of happy nature.

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