Munnar : Flower Gardens To Welcome New Guests

Munnar : Flower Gardens To Welcome New Guests

Kashmir Of south, Munnar is going to decorate itself with flower gardens on either sides of roads from Head works dam to Nallathanni bridge. 

You may think all these eco friendly initiatives are from the tourism department. Then you are wrong, idea of natural friendly flower garden along road side is the brainchild of Devikulam M.L.A S Rajendran and executing through the police department in association with social clubs and schools in Munnar.

Best resorts in Munnar welcome the project of munnar police, as the town will change itself to a western city where gardens and flower beds are part of city life.


Flower Gardens To Welcome New Guests

  • Make the travelling roads to Munnar also eye catching as that of tourist destination. 
  • District Panchayat workers, Student Police Cadets, Vocational Higher Secondary School     Students, Lions Club and various residents association will be part of this project.
  • Zero Plastic Project is another initiative which will kickoff along with flower garden project to reduce the use of plastic in tourist destinations.
  • Natural Neelakurunji is the top most munnar attraction, now the pavements of Munnar highway will also become a wonderful spot for tourists and photographers.                                     munnar attractions                                                                                                                                                                                                                               When man is not loving and caring to the land and soil, they will react in an unpredictable manner which may destroy the buildings and livelihood of many lives.

Resorts and cottages in Munnar, supports all eco friendly initiatives of various government departments and local associations. 

They say, ” foreign tourist came here Munnar, to explore the natural flora and fauna, not the luxurious life. So everyone has to keep Munnar safe and green with good habits of keeping environment clean and beautiful “.


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