Rooms In Munnar : Find Best Room For your Stay?

In our  home we decide how many people to be accommodated and if necessary floors can be also be a  sweet bed.

When you book room in Munnar, the chemistry of joint family not get work out in hotel rooms. 

So you need to know about various types of rooms available at top resorts in Munnar. Awareness of room types helps us to find the best room for stay.

Find Best Room For Stay

The walls of the hotel rooms have been the ears to various stories shared across the year by different people. Let’s see how rooms are differentiated, not just with walls but also with the beds they have.


  • Single Room : a room assigned to one person, may have one or more beds.

top resorts in Munnar

  • Double Room : Room assigned to two people.

top resorts in Munnar

  • Triple Room : Room that can accomodate three person, has been fitted with three twin beds.
  • Queen Room : a Room with a Queen sized – Bed.
  • King Room : a Room with a King sized –  Bed.
  • Mini suit : A single room with a bed and sitting area.
  • Super Deluxe Rooms : Luxurious space with room size 245 Square Feet and bathroom size 40 Square Feet.
  • Cottages & Villa Rooms : Queen size beds with large balcony and natural view with all facilities inside the room.

You can have additional bed in your room if you prefer. Facilities in rooms vary according to the resorts in munnar.

The features of luxury resorts in munnar may not be available at budget resorts in munnar.

So have an idea of your rooms and accommodation before you reach munnar. As  a hilly tourist destination you need good rest and relaxation at night after morning sightseeing in munnar.


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