Munnar Weather : Stay At The Coolest Place In Kerala

Munnar Weather : Stay At The Coolest Place In Kerala

Do you know which is the coolest place in Kerala?

Kashmir of south India, Munnar is the coolest place in Kerala. 

Staff of resorts in Munnar, remembers the winter season during the year 2017, where munnar temperature dipped to minus 4 degree celsius on places like top station and mattupetty.

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Stay At The Coolest Place

Normally when the Munnar experience cold weather, there is a heavy flow of domestic and foreign tourists.  

According to the statistics of  the best resorts in munnar for family,  the months from November to February they have more bookings as their guests enjoy the cool weather  in Munnar than any other tourist attractions.

Let’s see the benefits of spending your vacation at the coolest place

  • Cooler temperature boost your brain and refresh your mind
  • You can sleep better and give break to all stress works
  • Create some cool moments for your lifetime
  • Ensures peace of mind
  • Explore more the natural beauty without any pollution
  • Enjoy many winter activities and Camp fire in munnar

The highest recorded temperature in munnar is 20 degree celsius, and the lowest temperature may fall to minus degree celsius. Heavy woolen clothes will be an advantage if your are planning a munnar trip during the winter season. 

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Best honeymoon resorts in munnar, offers many honeymoon packages to attract the couples during the coldest season of Munnar.

The nature and climate is changing everywhere in the world, due to unscientific human exploitation of land, air and water resources. So be loving and caring towards nature, to enjoy the cool weather and hot sceneries of  beautiful kashmir of south india.


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