British church: Historic Monument in Munnar

British church: Historic Monument in Munnar


We all have a curiosity to know whether our people have made a landmark on the places we visit newly. Especially Malayalis search for another malayali if they reach in a new corner of world.


Even though British left India, what they left behind here in India attract their successors to visit back here. The century old CSI church in Munnar plantations is one of such tourist attractions in Munnar. Top resorts in Munnar says that more than watching natural attractions ,many foreign tourists visit this century old church which holds the legacy of british tea planters.


Attractions of Old British Church

  • Tomb built for English lady Eleanor and later become church on her memory
  • One of oldest Hilltop church In Kerala built by British
  • Gothic Style construction with rough hewn granites
  • Famous Tourist spot In Munnar


Refuge During Munnar Floods


Hundred years of tea planting, a Tata publications says that the old church was the refugee point for many during the heavy floods of Kerala in 1924.


When the recent 2018 flood affected Kerala badly, elder people re collected their experiences of 1924 flood and how this hilltop church saved many lives.


Nearby resorts in munnar say among various kind of travellers most of them are interested to explore historic places and interact with local people than living some days in Munnar.


Spiritual Tourism


Tourism connects the world through various similarities and tastes. Spiritual tourism is gaining popularity with visiting religious places and  meditation spots.


The Villa resorts in Munnar recommends foreign tourist to visit nearby spiritual centers to teach them ,how  spiritual places maintain the serenity and divinity of beautiful places in Munnar.


If you have not yet visited the beautiful old british church,have a visit to it during your next vacation trip to Munnar.  


Live your life by a compass not by clock ,set  your travel compass to Munnar .

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