Bike Riders Meetup in Munnar Hills: Make your Vacation Thrilling

Bike Riders Meetup in Munnar Hills: Make your Vacation Thrilling


Bikes are the everlasting  romantic lovers of bachelor boys and some adventurous girls. Riding bike to Nilgiri hills and visiting Munnar is a dream journey  for many enthusiastic riders.


Bike riding groups organise  annual meetups in different tourist locations ,and Munnar is one of their favorite choice. Stay in budget  resorts in Munnar  is the normal accomodation bike rider groups prefer while  biking through hilly tourist spots.


Why Munnar is best place of bike riders?


  • Less Traffic and Smooth riding
  • Connecting roads from all major cities
  • Visit Top stations
  • Enjoy spectacular views from western Ghats
  • People friendly climate
  • Less Noise and Air pollution
  • Nearby  villas,resorts and cottages  in Munnar


Perfect Season to Visit Munnar


Munnar is  perfectly beautiful in summer season during April ,May months with a temperature not beyond 20 degree celsius. During the same time most of the other tourist places other than top station experience around 30 to 40 degree.


Riding, Vlogging and Photography


When bike riding meetups are arranged  in Munnar , photography and vlogging have a high scope because of  natural abundant sceneries and special food , home made chocolate and spice flavours.


Some of the top resorts in Munnar have special photo shoot areas and gardens  to capture most memorable moments in vacation rides.


You can have adventurous  experiments like trekking,rock climbing and jeep safari if you have more time to stay in Munnar than just  riding and loving with your favorite bike you own.


Be cautious of wearing safety jackets ,helmets and all necessary gadgets while planning your munnar ride. Enjoy a safe and soothing vacation in Munnar with singing bike engines and horns.


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