How Munnar lists itself among those hot subjects of political aspiration

How Munnar lists itself among those hot subjects of political aspiration

Since the election is on its way in 2019 and since it’s getting nearer to the date, all communities in the western ghats are preparing for it in with their own arrangements in every possible ways. Especially the Munnar-Devikulam region and its fragile ecology are turning hot subjects of political debate not just in Idukki but all across Kerala.


What was happening in the land in the near past!

The land is exceptionally a paradise for resorts and relaxers which in turn persuades the builders to build their own establishments and buildings by acquiring new land and constructing large and luxurious, throwing away every laws aside. The civilian settlers and encroachers both if illegal, are receiving serious resistance due to its notorious unlawful encroachments the “used to be” happening in munnar for the past decades.


Effect of previous Lok Sabha election.

The environmentally sensitive Idukki was represented in the Lok Sabha with apolitical vested interests exclusively to lead agitations against the implementation of both the Madhav Gadgil Committee and Kasturirangan Committee reports for the conservation of Western Ghats, which were the main poll issues in Idukki during the previously held Lok Sabha election.


Misinterpretation of reports.

In the Idukki constituency, the voters are highly misled and misinformed by rival political parties including CPI(M), Congress and BJP. None of them has yet taken any action against the land mafia that had been dictating terms. There still are organised attempts

to make political mileage by turning people’s sentiments against the Kasturirangan committee that recommended 37% of the Western Ghats which are also rich in biodiversity.


Encroachment continues.

Misusing the fears of the local community, land mafias are now thriving in Munnar and rest of idukki causing enormous damage to the land and livelihood. They seem to have learned no lesson from the worst floods of August 2018 after which Munnar resembled almost a ghost town. Devikulam Taluk had witnessed 12 major landslides and 18 monsoon related deaths in the floods. Reports say that the region has already lost much of its natural wealth and warn that any further delay in addressing the encroachment issue would mean the end of the hill station.


Hoping for the better

Hope someone lets the officials get to know the situation and do the needful as soon as possible. Only then can we enjoy the sights of munnar by preserving nature and choose not ruining it and then enjoy all the nature’s gifts and look for the resorts in Munnar.  

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