Taste and Travel in Munnar: Natural Hub of Homemade Chocolates

Taste and Travel in Munnar: Natural Hub of Homemade Chocolates


The chocolate capital of world is ‘ Brussels ’ in Belgium,which is the home of two biggest chocolate companies in the world  Godiva and Leonidas .


In Kerala Munnar is the natural hub of home made chocolates ,where anyone with a sweet tooth love to visit and taste chocolates.


Giving sweets for newly married couples is a custom in Kerala culture, literally resorts welcomes tourists with best honeymoon cottages in Munnar and Home made chocolates for romantic couples who  come to enjoy munnar.


Tasty Munnar Homemade chocolates


Like wine tourism  now chocolate tourism is getting much importance ,as tourist are interested to know about cocoa production,processing, chocolate making in factory and all.


Munnar offers large amount of Cocoa to chocolate manufactures  making Munnar favorite spot for Homemade chocolates. Resorts in Munnar promote chocolate tourism  by arranging visits to chocolate factories and cocoa farms.


Benefits of Home Made Chocolates


  • Natural and high quality ingredients to offer taste sensation
  • Use natural flavours like Pistachio,hazelnuts and almonds no chemical syrups are added
  • Cocoa beans is used instead of cocoa butter
  • High level of hygiene
  • Natural  chocolate paste production


Homemade chocolate  is the real attraction of Munnar for sweet food lovers. Healthy Chocolates are tastier than branded chocolates  ,which are certified by reputed government departments.


Even some of the best resorts in Munnar have special shopping zone for homemade products including chocolates and handicrafts.


White ,brown and dark chocolates may win the hearts of your kids and better half while enjoying most romantic Vacation in Munnar.


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