Munnar Tea: How Your Favorite Tea Is Produced?

Munnar Tea: How Your Favorite Tea Is Produced?

Have you heard of White Tea? , you know about Green Tea, Black Tea but may not know about White Tea. It is the premium quality tea powder produced from Munnar Hills and 92% of the products are exported to other countries only 8% of them are consumed in India.

Like Kopi Luwak coffee, white tea is costlier and ranges from 8000 to lack per kilogram. For tourists who visit resorts in Munnar, Tea factory visit and white tea powder will be an expensive gift to get from Munnar.

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How your favorite Tea is produced?

British, who introduced Tea cultivation in India, first planted Tea Tree at Munnar in 1877. Tea is an evergreen plant and its life span extends over 100 years. If not chopped and plucked the leaves, the Tea tree will grow as big as any forest trees. Let’s see the process of Tea production

  • Tea Harvesting: Plucking tender leaves, besides plucking using hands now there are           motorized and mechanical harvesting methods.
  • Withering: Process of removing moisture content from leaves.
  • Maceration: Crush Tear and Curl (CTC), the withered Tea leaves are pre-conditioned by     macerating lightly, then tea shoots are rolled. Such rolled leaves are called fines.
  • Fermentation: Leaf color changes from green to copper brown. An oxidation process by   which polyphenols in tea leaves get oxidized.
  • Drying: Tea color turns from coppery brown to black in this stage.
  • Sorting: Cleaning of fibers and grading of dried tea based on various grades.

Tea Flavors

At top resorts in Munnar, you can sip a cup of cardamom flavored Tea. Lemon, Mint, Masala, Orange, Ginger etc are the other famous tea flavors available at Restaurants in Munnar.

Leaf, Broken and Dust are the three main classes of Tea grades. For preparing white tea only selected buds and leaves are used thus it becomes tastier and more expensive than other tea grades.

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Unique Taste of Munnar

Tagline of Tata’s Ripple Tea is ‘Unique Taste of Munnar ‘. Really Munnar Tea is special and unique with its process of production. As expert Tea tasters in Munnar says, every brand of tea have their own taste and it happens through the difference in the ratio of tea dust blending.

Have a trip to Munnar Tea garden and enjoy hot Munnar Tea, just like your trip memories, taste of tea will also last in your tongue as a sweet gift.


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