Reasons Why You Should Visit Munnar Today

Reasons Why You Should Visit Munnar Today

A hill station that ushers romance or a paradise that speaks about the enchanting beauty of nature, Munnar is famed as one of the most popular hill stations in India. Perched at an astounding height of 5,200 feet above sea level in the Kannan Devan Hills of the Western Ghats, this miraculous retreat is among the must visit hill stations in Kerala which is also known as the God’s Own Country.


Adorned with an extravagant range of flora and fauna, Munnar has a long line up of reasons that entices visitors from across the globe. Well, let us explore the heavenly beauty of this paradise with listing some of the reasons that will make you visit Munnar just right away.


1.Magical Beauty of Waterfalls:-

Known for its evergreen tea plantations, the hills of Munnar with their never ending beauty and charm can cast a magical spell on the visitors! While most of the hills are adorned with tea plantations, some are fascinated by mesmerising waterfalls, lush vegetation and lot more.


On your visit to this gorgeous hill station, you can have a tryst with stunning waterfalls like Atukkad Waterfalls, Lakkam Waterfalls, and Naimakkadu Waterfalls that can make you fall in love with them. Visit Munnar today to witness the best of waterfalls and their magical beauty and charm.


2.Pleasant Climate:-

Known for its mesmerising charm and appeal, Munnar wears a pleasant climate throughout the year. Among all the popular tourist destinations in Kerala, this is one such destination which is known for the liveliness in its weather and climate.


Be it the summer or the winter, Munnar always flaunts its magical beauty! While the winters make it crispier and enticing, summer simply makes Munnar a brighter place to visit. On the other hand, monsoons just bring in the essence of being born again in the midst of the purest form of green shades of Mother Nature.


3.Fascinating Wildlife:-

Munnar simply proves to be much of a paradise for the wildlife lovers! Home to some of the most  dense and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and wildlife protected areas, this gorgeous hill station in Kerala can make you forget the outer world and burrow in deep into the wilderness!

Take a wildlife tour through Rajamala Wildlife Sanctuary or go for wildlife spotting in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Walk through the wilderness of Kurinjimala Sanctuary or begin on a nature-trial across Pampadam Shola National Park choose any and Munnar will always keep you enchanted with its fascinating wildlife.


The list also includes the adventurous activities you can have hear and the tempting delicious food available here and if you are looking for Rooms in Munnar there’s a lot to select from.


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