Elephant Ride In Munnar : How to Enjoy  In Munnar?

Elephant Ride In Munnar : How to Enjoy  In Munnar?

You have seen many captions on your webspace like top ten things to do in Munnar,or Best ten places to visit in Munnar. But have you thought of an elephant ride in Munnar.

If not, it is one of the best enjoyments in Munnar ,sitting above the elephant and enjoying Munnar from an elephant height.

Resorts in Munnar ,arrange elephant rides to their guests . Both foreigners and North Indian guests are very much happy with Elephant ride through the natural forests and taking photographs with the trained elephants.

Famous Elephant Parks In Munnar

  1. Carmelagiri Elephant Park : is a private park for elephant riding through the hilly paths of Munnar forest as  part of Kerala tourism.
  2. Green Field Spices Elephant Park : Enjoy elephant ride through the spice garden and variety of natural trees and herbs.

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Amazing Activities In An Elephant Park

  • Thrilling ride on Elephant
  • Get to know Elephants better
  • Have Pictures taken during Elephant ride
  • View Elephant shower
  • Feed Elephants
  • See how Elephants communicate and obey commands

You might have seen and wondered how the fictional character in Bahubali film do the actions on a giant Elephant  and in mind you also wish to do at least a ride over an Elephant. Along with a stay at best resort in Munnar plan an elephant ride in your Munnar vacation.

Even though Elephant rides are costly, they are well planned with two mahouts to assist each ride and built in higher platform through which  we can easily sit on to the top of the special mat arranged on elephants back make our ride comfortable.


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