Meet At Munnar To Beat the Summer Heat

Meet At Munnar To Beat the Summer Heat

How to beat the summer heat? Is the current discussion of many people in Kerala.

When Munnar open up the Eravikulam National park for tourists,people flock towards the hill station to enjoy some cool breeze.

Top resorts in Munnar, are busy in accommodating large number of state tourists  more than the usual count of this season compared to previous years. Why Munnar is cooler than other places of state? You may like to know the reason for the cool head of Munnar Mountains without any bad heat waves.

Why Munnar is cool always?

  • High altitude of 1800m above sea level
  • Maximum temperature is 20 degree celsius
  • Surrounded by Hills
  • Less industrialization
  • More plantations and forest area
  • Eco friendly city life and habits of natives
  • Even Resorts in Munnar are very nature friendly
  • Blessed climate throughout the year

beat the heat in munnar

One of the reasons Munnar become favorite tourist destination is lower temperature and greenery. Enjoy the sunrise and hear the songs  of hummingbirds.

Top resorts in Munnar have glass walls in rooms to experience the beauty of nature from the bed itself.

Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Have a meet up at Munnar to beat this summer heat. Enjoy with family a vacation in Munnar.

God calls all of us to go back to nature,plant more trees and lead a nature friendly life.

Let this high temperature and invitation to Munnar be a call for living a human life than what we live today as concrete junkies.

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