Visit And Enjoy The Specialities Of Kerala

Visit And Enjoy The Specialities Of Kerala

Located at the southernmost portion of India, as bordered by the regions of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu on the north and east respectively, Kerala is known for its beautiful beaches, backwaters, billowing palm trees, and an economy that booms year after year.

But if there is anything that could best describe Kerala as a region, the word “free” may possibly best summarize it. It is here where religions are as diverse as are the people who live in it.As such, despite being a predominantly Hindu nation, Kerala is a home to also the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims. This is most evident due to the presence of synagogues, churches, and mosques that sprung around in many places in Kerala.

But, presently, a large majority of the population in Kerala are practitioners of Hinduism, followed only by Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Of all three monotheistic religions, the Jews are among the least in numbers of those residing in Kerala. While the number was not necessarily overwhelming, to begin with, part of the reason why the state now only has a minority of Jews is due to the founding of Israel which magnets them all over from across the globe.

For the Hindus, the state is a home to their religion’s saints and swamis that belong to different castes. The practice of the religion, however, is noticeably different in Kerala than their fellow Hindus from other states due to the interweaving of religious beliefs mixed with the natives’ way of life.

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Kerala is also the land of Ayurveda. It is the only remaining state in entire India that practices this kind of treatment. This pertains directly to the science of both the life and longevity. As the longest healthcare system in the world, it puts together the idea of thoughts in medicine as well as philosophy at the same time. As a branch of medicine, it is a way of treating one’s body in a naturalistic approach which has the primary goal or objective of achieving the correct or right balance for the body. The perfect cool weather along with the fertile land makes it easier for them to practice such a way of life. More than being healthcare, it is mostly a way of life that reflects all the aspects of the life of the people. What makes this famous is the ability to cure even the incurable and unknown diseases which other sections of treatment has not even found yet.

Sadya Meal

Food, of course, is also one of the things which indeed is a pride of Kerala. Sadya Meal is also famous in here. It is a feast consisting of complete vegetarian cuisine with a total number of almost 28 dishes. Being extravagant and bountiful when it comes to this feast, this serves as one of the favorites of those who visit Kerala. This is served in a plantain leaf and other leaves towards the position of the one who is eating. It has boiled rice, savories, side dishes, pickles, and desserts all served at a time. Go for it and you surely will love it. If you are travelling to munnar, kerala you will find many Munnar tour packages.

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