Tourist Attractions: Munnar Winter Season

Tourist Attractions: Munnar Winter Season

Winter season is one of the tourist attraction time in Munnar which starts from December and ends on February. Even if you are a person who always search for Air conditioner remote, stay at resorts in Munnar force you  to quit the habit and wear an extra dress or sweater to keep your body temperature normal. Winter season in Munnar is extreme , with sometimes minus degree temperatures, and currently munnar hill stations are  experiencing 12 centigrade less than half of your body temperature.


Munnar: Feel like a western world


Germany, France, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada etc are some of the western countries that are much affected by winter seasons, with snow falls , cold storms where everything freeze makes people to stay at home where there is fire burners or room heaters. Munnar is slightly covered with snow and cold breeze which creates a feel of western climate here in Kerala.


Considering the intense cold, top resorts in Munnar are arranging special winter camp fires and activities to explore the funs of most spectacular  snowy season. How to enjoy winter vacation in munnar is well explained by tourist packages of top resorts in munnar, that includes trekking, jeep safari, adventurous games and site seeing through tea plantations and century old museums etc.

Winter Tip for Munnar Travelers


  1. Eat enough food and drink plenty of water


2. Keep a winter kit with gear and gloves


3. Take breaks rest and travel


4. Know the places and ensure safety before visit


Adventurous and Romantic Munnar


Munnar weather never disappoints it’s guests , for bachelors many adventurous funs and games are arranged on the snowy green outskirts, for romantic couples special honeymoon cottages are best gifts munnar offers.


How to Reach Munnar ?

Munnar is nearly 110 KM from Kerala Kochi Airport and 140 KM from Madurai  Airport. By train you can land on nearest place Aluva which is 110 Km from Munnar. There are many public and private vehicles deployed for Munnar tourists at any time by resorts, Tourism department and public transport department, tour operators etc.


Enjoy your winter holidays in Munnar , a tasty hot sip of tea will melt your ice of stress and fill you more with natural energy to refresh yourself.

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