Plan your next trip to Munnar

Plan your next trip to Munnar

Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park: This amusement park in Munnar is one of the few places to visit here to enjoy myriads of fun activities such as Dashing Cars, 12D Rider, Zip-Line, Charlie Chaplin Walk, and Natural Waterfall all under one roof. This, the one and only amusement park is situated at Anachal in Munnar.

From rain dancing to Lazy r

iver and Wave pool; the water activities are as exciting as the adventure activities like rock climbing, rainforest trek trails. From Bungee Jump to Play port to nature walks and Treehouses; this place is painstakingly made for the sheer pleasure of enjoying many of the adventures.

This is one of the tourist places in Munnar that is packed with heaps of fun and joy and has something for everyone.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Skirted by Eravikulam National Park in the south and by the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in the north, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is home to the famous endangered India grizzled giant squirrel, and is also a soothing habitat for Elephants, Hanuman Monkeys, tufted grey langur, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Crocodile, Tiger, slender Loris, Leopard along with an abundance of plant and bird species. The Forest Department and the Eco-development Committees of the local tribal communities encourage eco-tourism in the sanctuary enabling a wild encounter in a friendly manner.

Rose Garden: The aromatic floating fumes of a plethora of plant species, fruits, flowers and crops in a 2 acre single-stretch, brimming with varied colours on a 360-degree pan is a place that lies only in Munnar. One of the perfect sightseeing places in Munnar which you just cannot afford to miss while you are in the place.

This is actually a maze of a number of pretty flowers like Dahlias, Rose, Chrysanthemums, and plants like pepper, cardamom, vanilla etc at a height of 3500 feet above the sea level. The name sounds a little misleading in that way because there are a variety of flowers which are following the contours and slopes and garnishing the place and not just Roses.

However, this is one of the attractions in Munnar that leaves quite a mark on the visitors. The spices and other fruits which are planted in this garden along with other flowers release unique fragrances to the air around the area which makes you feel very refreshing while you are enjoying the sheer bliss of watching the beauty around you.

Munnar is a grand source of attraction for the visitors and if you are looking for Best villas in Munnar, there’s many to look out for.




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