How To Plan A Perfect Picnic

How To Plan A Perfect Picnic

When it comes to planning a perfect picnic, there’s no one size fits all approach. Many different factors influence the decisions you need to make, be it weather conditions, cost, the number of attendees and even dietary requirements (to name a few).

So forward planning is clearly a must, and that’s the sheer reason for this helpful cheat sheet. You’ll find everything you need to know and consider for planning the perfect picnic for family, friends or colleagues.

Amazingly, calculating a ball point figure of the number of people that are likely to attend a picnic is often given very little to think about. Yet these seemingly minor details has a knock-on effect on many of the other elements of picnic planning. Not only should you jot down a rough list of people who are likely to attend but also things like if they have any special requirements should be noted down as well.

Of course, this isn’t that overly important if you’re planning a romantic picnic with your partner. But the larger the picnic becomes, the likelier missing this step will become an issue later on in your planning the picnic process.

For example, if you have people with mobility issues, the location will need extra thoughts. Children coming? Then entertainment will need to be addressed, and if they’re really young then maybe having bathroom facilities close by, will be required. As much fun as summer picnics can be, if members of your group have fair skin then umbrella’s will have to be considered as well. Is it likely a dog might be accompanying any of your guests? Whether a well-trained guide dog or a crazy “I’ll chase anything that moves” dog, all these small details quickly lead to an unenjoyable experience for both your guests and hosts if not planned for well in advance.


The beauty of picnics is the versatility they offer you in selecting a favourable location. You can have them in urban areas or even out in the wilderness; at the beach, up a mountain or sitting in the local park; out camping or lounging around your back garden, it doesn’t matter much; there is a perfect picnic for ever location.

Although picnics are the swiss army knives of outdoor entertaining in regards to location, it’s also essential to select the location as early as in the planning stages. The main reason is different locations require different essentials and may even dictate the types of food, even that should be selected.

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