Explore the beauty of Munnar

Explore the beauty of Munnar

Munnar is a diversified canvas of sloping lush green tea plantations, gushing streams by the hillsides, and winding undulating paths. And there are some absolutely delightful activities to absorb the overwhelming beauty, a visual treat of the largest tea growing region of peninsular India. Activities that everyone must try depending upon the time and duration of the visit.

Munnar is the ultimate destination for a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat into the hills. It is the most popular pick among a number of beautiful honeymoon destinations in South India. Tourist attractions in and around Munnar are a plenty to mention. And all of them are perfect enough to spend the entire vacation with your favourite book and a cup of hot tea. At the same time, there is no inadequacy of interesting things to do in Munnar. Plan your course of journey picking your prefered activities from our list below.


  1. Stay in a tree house: Locally called Erumadam, tree house is an eco-accommodation facility made of natural materials like bamboo, coir, hay and straw. It is quite a new concept coming up in various parts of Kerala like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad. First made for hunters to hide from wild animals especially Rogue elephants, now a heritage and hideoff at the same time for kids and adults and to be enjoyed once in a while experience.

  2. Romance the tea estates of Kolukkumalai: Feel the refreshing aroma of the golden beverage at Kolukkumalai Tea Estate – one of the highest tea plantations in the world. It is situated at an elevation of 7900 ft, and the zigzag road along Kolukkumalai Hills leading to this tea garden in Munnar is literally jaw dropping. A key tourist attracting spot in Munnar, the plantation is renowned worldwide for its flavoured tea leaves. The century old tea factory is also an interesting place that strikes your curiousity to understand the traditional methods of tea production.

  3. Go Camping and Trekking in Munnar: Munnar is absolute bliss for adventure enthusiasts and fitness freaks, especially trekkers. Trekking all the way till high elevations like Echo Point and Top Station is one of the most preferred and enjoyable things to do in Munnar. Located 15 km from Munnar, Echo Point is truly a spellbinding destination where voice resonance occurs naturally. Top Station is the highest point in Munnar and offers stunning view of the town surrounded by the hills and valleys. Trekking 32 km up to Top Station is quite exhaustive and requires a lot of stamina. If one can accomplish the target, the workout quota for the entire week is well taken care of. Don’t forget to carry your walking shoes and trekking gears.

  4. Spot rare animal and bird species at the famous Wildlife Sanctuaries: Daring hearts! Let’s explore the thick and dark forests, biosphere reserves, national park,lakes and sanctuaries of Munnar. Who knows, you could be lucky enough to spot some endangered and nearly extinct animals and birds.  The most visited and popular wildlife areas of Munnar are the Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

There are lot more on the list to do that we won’t be able to cover fully and if you are looking for munnar resorts you will find a lot of them from a wide range of resorts.

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